The EFIDISTRICT Fwd project shall represent a significant mobilisation of investment funds for the Integral Energy Rehabilitation of the Txantrea District in Pamplona.

In order to achieve the aims of the project and to provide support for residents, the technical team of the project shall carry out the following services, among others:

  • Technical and administrative management of the project.
  • Public participation plan.
  • Analysis of the promotion and implementation strategies for the energy regeneration of the district.
  • Citizen’s advice.
  • Energy analysis of the buildings.
  • Technical proposals adapted to each type of building.
  • Technical proposals for the regulation and control of the heating systems.
  • Advisory services and processing of public grants.
  • Support in the search for collective funding.
  • Advisory services for the contracting and supervision of the works.
  • Resolution of problems.
  • Supervision and certification of public and private investment.