New district heating network


Centralised production of heating energy provides the opportunities for technologies and resources that would not suit with conventional configurations. These technologies allow an intelligent use of energy, producing the exact amount of energy needee at each specific time.

These systems optimise energy efficiency through the use of both high capacity and highly energy efficient boilers in order to supply the consumption requirements of the existing heating installations, by replacing the current energy supply (oil or gas) for a direct supply of hot water for heating and DHW (Domestic Hot Water).

The high efficiency of the energy production equipment enables the reduction of costs, with the corresponding reduction of the final price of energy for users.

The maintenance, breakdowns and future repair costs of the existing equipment are also removed, obtaining a secure, economic and sustainable service.
Moreover, the connected buildings shall benefit from enhanced energy efficiency certifications.


  • Renewable energy sources are used which minimises the consumption of primary fossil fuels (gas, oil)
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduction of noise and vibrations in connected buildings.
  • No visual impact whatsoever given that the system does not require any installations, such as chimneys or deposits and enables façades to remain totally free from any said installations.


  • Savings in the energy bills of users.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Energy production equipment is not required to be purchased or replaced.
  • Ease of forecasting energy bills.


  • Guarantee of security and continuity of supply.
  • Permanent supervision of the installations by specialists, including the substations.
  • Absence of flammable gases within buildings.
  • Flexibility: the service is guaranteed at all times (24 hours), without the need for any planning whatsoever and which adapts to the specific needs of the user.